We thought it was time this place had a bit of a makeover. The old shop window was dusty, unappealing and a fair bit of the stock was past its sell-by date. What was worse, none of the nice new shiny things were on display at all.

We also had a look at all those nice shiny things (and a few of the old favourites, too) and thought to ourselves, you know what? They really are so nice and so shiny that surely everyone’s going to want them. So it’s about time we gave them a website that showed them off a bit better.

So this is it, our nice new site. It’s still evolving, but the really great thing is that it’s so much more flexible than the old one that it actually stands a chance of evolving, rather than turning into a dusty relic. You can even subscribe to it and get notified whenever we come up with something new. Do have a look round – click on any of the page links above and see what you find.