Jonathan Pinnock and Associates is one of the longest-standing independent suppliers of real-time software for the financial services industry. It was set up in 1992 following Jonathan Pinnock’s departure from Kapiti (which occurred at roughly the point where it became brutally apparent that he wasn’t suited for a career in management).

Jon spent the first few years of his independence doing odd bits of programming and consultancy for various clients (as well as writing a few books on programming) until in 1998 he accidentally acquired the rights to some software he’d written for a client who was no longer interested in taking it any further. This coincided with an increasing realisation that everything he’d been developing was somehow connected. So from that point on, he analysed every new requirement to see how it might fit into an all-embracing product strategy.

That’s how PlatformOne™ came into being: a flexible, highly-modular real-time platform using a lightweight, scaleable, protocol-based architecture. It’s been going since 1999 and it’s still evolving and expanding. The range of requirements that can be addressed using PlatformOne™ is truly remarkable, from feed handlers to integrate with industry-standard platforms such as RMDS, through fully comprehensive contribution systems right through to self-contained stand-alone real-time data capture, analysis and republishing platforms.

There’s more about the various feed handlers that we have available here. Our contribution systems are described here, and our revolutionary latency monitoring system is described here. And there’s more about our calculation and analysis products here.

When he’s not writing software, Jon is an award-winning author of books such as the Mathematical Mystery Series published by Farrago Books. He also hosts the It’s Lit But Is It Funny? podcast.

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