When we sat down to develop PlatformOne™, it was clear to us that one of the most important things we needed was a simulated datafeed. This would be useful not only for testing but also for doing canned demonstration systems. So we thought about what we needed and we came up with the following list of things we’d like to be able to do:

  • Record a whole series of ticks for a configurable set of records.
  • Play those back in simulated real time.
  • Speed up and slow down playback.
  • Tick-by-tick playback
  • Edit saved file of data.

And then that’s exactly what we built. The Recorder module can be used to capture data from any data feed for which there’s a PlatformOne™ handler or from any external platform for which there is a PlatformOne™ adapter.  The Player module can play back the data for use within the same  PlatformOne™ system or alternatively any external platform, again if there’s a PlatformOne™ adapter. The SimEdit module can be used for converting the saved data file into a nice, easy-to-edit text format and then back into the more efficient binary form used by Player, once you’ve tinkered with it.