At the last estimate, we reckon that over the years we’ve developed handlers for at least 50 different real-time feeds. Some of these are API-based, some are protocol-based and some (such as DBserver, StaticServer and TailServer) aren’t really either.  Some, of course, have dropped off the list because they’re obsolete, while other new ones are popping up all the time (such as all those lovely new FAST-based ones which you really don’t want to think about developing in-house – trust us on this). We believe that our unparalleled experience in this field should make us the first port of call for anyone looking to receive or contribute real-time data. One other point to consider is that we usually regard a requirement for a new feed as an opportunity to build our portfolio, and we don’t charge any additional bespoke fees. In other words, we charge the same for a completely new feed handler as one of the ones on this list.

Here’s the list of current feeds that we’ve developed handlers for. All of these can either be used in conjunction with other PlatformOne™ components, or simply piped straight into your Thompson Reuters system using our rfa2p1 adapter.

Bloomberg MPF Contribution

Bloomberg Platform Contribution


Eurex (MDI, RDI and EMDI)


Interactive Data CSP

Interactive Data MDG

Liffe XDP

Marketlink Contribution (all variations from async to MFOT)

Marketlink Subscription (the other end of contribution)

Morningstar Quotes

Trayport GlobalVision

As well as these conventional feed handlers, we also have a couple of products that turn other less real-time sources of data into feeds.

DBServer takes data from an ADO-compliant database and delivers it as a real-time feed. You can even specify complex searches to be carried out at regular intervals.

StaticServer takes data from a set of CSV files and delivers it as a real-time feed. Every time a file is changed, the records associated with it are updated.

TailServer parses a log file in real time – using rules that you specify yourself – and delivers the results as a real-time feed. This is surprisingly useful for system monitoring, if used in conjunction with the Condition Monitor product. When you start to think of everything as a real-time feed, your outlook expands somewhat.

One final point about Marketlink. In more than one case, we have found ourselves providing software to both the contributor and the subscriber of the same Marketlink-compliant feed. At first, we found this slightly weird, but after a bit of thought, it actually seems entirely logical and sensible. It’s the same protocol after all.