The PlatformOne™ Condition Monitor is a massively useful tool for condensing a complex combination of circumstances occurring in a set of real-time data into a single call for action.

The central concept in Condition Monitor is a Scenario.

A Scenario consists of a set of Conditions along with a set of Actions.

Each Condition consists of something that can be tested, such as “field BID is greater than 1.2345” or “field DSPLY_NAME contains the string XYZ” (where the string can either be constant or come from another real-time data item), plus a Firing Rule (which basically decides whether the condition has to occur just once or be persistent in order for the Condition to be recognised.

Each Action determines what is to be done when the Condition happens, such as updating a field in an outgoing record, adding an entry to a log file, or running another program via a script.

This can be used very effectively in conjunction with any of the connectivity options described here, or indeed a custom-built one, in order to raise alerts and hence keep the status of your real-time data efficiently monitored.