The purpose of the PlatformOne™ Data Quality Analyser is to monitor the data that you’re sending out, watching out for discrepancies, and gathering general statistics. The central concept is that of a checklist. Each checklist can be applied to either a set of records or an entire dataset.

Here are some of the checks you can ask it to perform:

  • Calculate average spread
  • Calculate high and low
  • Calculate maximum and minimum
  • Calculate average update rate
  • Check spread (against either an absolute or percentage tolerance, either fixed or taken from another field)
  • Watch for idle (if no change is made to a rate for a pre-specified length of time)
  • Watch for empty updates (updates with no changes to any of a specified set of fields)
  • Log every tick

You can decide whether you want these checks applied at regular intervals (say, every 5 minutes) and/or over the whole of the working day.